Research API

The Terapeak Research API lets you create data driven applications for sites such as the eBay Marketplace and for personal use. Using the Research API you can conduct factual analysis, build pricing guides, identify market gaps, decide which merchandising features work best, and help sellers better understand marketplace dynamics based on historical eBay market data.

What is the Terapeak Research API?

The Terapeak API provides a set of API calls that you can use to retrieve eBay market data. The API is fast and flexible, makes it easy to retrieve historical data, and can be used to embed research results in a web page or application.

To make a call, you send an HTTP POST request with XML in the body and your API Key as a query parameter to the Terapeak server at this URL:

NOTE: A limited set of calls is available via REST, and you can see those in action using the IO Docs.

How do I get started?

  1. Register for a free account
  2. Create an Application that describes what you are building
  3. Issue yourself a Key used when you call the API
  4. Try out the various calls available via REST and read the Documentation on calls available via XML

The free account provides access to one year of eBay data and has some rate and call limits. You will get an API key that allows for 500 calls, and will last for one month. After the one month term your API key will deactivate. Once you have had a chance to try out the Research API, you can upgrade your account and increase the rate and number of calls you can make.

To upgrade your account, email Terapeak at: 


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